The Root of Bitterness and How to Get Rid of It

The Root of Bitterness

Have you ever been bitter?

Do you know where bitterness comes from?

It comes from being hurt.

“…hurt fertilizes bitterness, making it grow into a weed”, wrote Patricia Raybon, a journalist, teacher, and award-winning author.

That hit me hard when I read this.

At the time I was reading her article, I was feeling quite bitter.

She further wrote, “Indeed, bitterness is like a root that sinks deep into the soil of our heart and spirit. When watered with resentment and anger, it ‘springs up and causes trouble’ defiling many around it” (Heb. 12:15 ESV).


I knew this was true.

What Bitterness Does

Bitterness brings about an increase of ugly wrong and is a wall of sin separating us from God.

Bitterness, when constant, can be nagging, taunting and a hateful habit.

It lays blame. Says, “you’re wrong!”

It’s dangerous and is a real illness.

“[Bitterness] won’t help bring about the peace and the justice of God”, says Raybon.

What does the Bible say?

The Bible calls us to “strive for peace with everyone” (Heb. 12:14).

Furthermore, the Bible strongly warns us to “get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice” (Eph. 4:31).

So, how do we get rid of Bitterness?

Raybon shares 3 effective ways to get rid of bitterness:

  1. Take our bitterness to Him.
  2. Ask God to teach you.
  3. Rely on the Holy Spirit’s great power.

We need to ask God to dig out of us the bitterness we have and throw it away!

We must forgive and discern it is a process (see Matt. 18:21-22).

Only with the Holy Spirit’s power within us, can we succeed.

Bitter to Sweet

Visualize the power here!

Taking our bitterness to God and asking Him to teach us, we become a testimony for Christ.

A sweet smelling fragrance (2 Cor. 2:15).

Remember, we’ll always need weeding. The great thing is, we know the Gardener!


Peace and Blessings,


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6 thoughts on “The Root of Bitterness and How to Get Rid of It”

    • Ronda, I appreciate your openness and honesty. Bitterness does none of us any good (although the feelings are real). The great thing is, we have ways to get rid of it! I hope you are encouraged to do so! Remember, we are doing life together-I’m in it with you!

  • I’ve always believed hurt people hurt people. It’s a sad fact they get hurt and get bitter and feel they don’t deserve happiness so others don’t either. I’m so glad God doesn’t let people stay hurt and bitter forever. There is redemption for them they just have to receive it. Great post

  • Love the post. I have had to deal with bitterness a lot in my life. I know for me the bitterness has come when I try to take things/situations into my own hands and then get disappointed with the outcome. That leads to discontent. As well as bitterness towards whoever I think is the cause of it. A great reminder to focus on God’s Word and what HE says in dealing with it to be a true testimony in Jesus.

    • Thank you, Sheri. I have dealt with the same issues on being bitter and it has lead me to be discontent as well. Praise be to God that He provides ways out of it! Appreciating you!

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