Special Edition: Bringing Out the “Breast” in You

Breast” Taking

It was no coincidence when I met her on the football field where both of our sons had been practicing and playing together for the past several months. 

I contacted her via text message to let her know she was next on the snack list and to meet me at the field the following Wednesday.

When I met her face to face, I was captivated by her presence.

It was in her eyes.

Beautiful eyes like a Doe.

They spoke.


We hit it off immediately and began talking about ourselves and family background. It was then shared, she is a breast cancer SURVIVOR.

It wasn’t until days later, I felt God leading me to write about her story.


Meet Shannon Felder

January 7, 2015 was the day of her diagnosis.

13 days later, on January 20th, she had a double mastectomy.

“I cried”.

“All I remember are the sounds of Charlie Brown’s teacher when the doctor told me I had cancer”. “I cried”, she said.

“Then I went into SURVIVOR mode”.

Shannon displays powerful strength, boldness and courage. In such a short amount of time, she digested her situation and circumstances and went in for the fight of her life!

She is a true example of what it means to fight!


Tender Talk

I had a list of questions to ask Shannon. Not to my surprise, she was thrilled to answer:

  1. In one word, describe how you felt when you found out you had breast cancer?
    • FEAR
  2. What did you need most during this time?
    • During diagnosis; more information
    • Support for my children (picking them up from school)
    • Alone time (after surgery and unmasking my breasts for the first time)
    • Spousal companionship; to be told “you’re beautiful”
      • To lighten things up, I told Shannon I wish I could get that from my husband. We laughed. 🙂
    • Feel pretty (put on makeup)
    • A sense of normalcy
  3. How did you feel about God? Did your diagnosis have an affect on your relationship with Him?
    • I’m closer to Him
    • I’m stronger
    • There was NO ANGER towards Him
      • I was shocked when Shannon said she had no anger. And like so many others, when she tells them this, they are shocked as well. There have been many times I have been angry at God for things that are in no comparison to having breast cancer. I was convicted. We can learn from Shannon for her tremendous TRUST in the Lord.
    • I knew there was a reason
    • My FAITH became bigger than my FEAR
  4. How can people support?
    • Give to charity (research before you give)
    • Volunteer
    • Make and/or give chemo packages to patients (it’s simple as going to the dollar store) 
    • Write cards to patients
    • Call on the phone to encourage or just to listen
    • Wear PINK
    • Pray

The Fullness of it All

I asked Shannon two final questions – how she was different today and what her breasts meant to her;

“I value the little things in life; seeing my kids on the football field and picking them up from school. I’d rather be tired than not be alive and I wake up everyday like it’s my birthday! Treasure everyday. Everyday is a blessing”.

Her breasts mean nothing to her. “It was harder for me to lose my hair over my breasts”, she expressed.

With a great BIG smile she concluded,

“I’m so much more than my breasts!


Here in the No Longer Ashamed Community, we support one another.

All for one and one for all.

Allow her story to bring out the “breast” in you!

 Shannon’s Favorites


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Peace and Blessings,


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10 thoughts on “Special Edition: Bringing Out the “Breast” in You”

  • Thank you Shannon for opening your heart. It was an honor to sit and talk with you. You’re so AMAZING! In such a short time from meeting you, you allowed me to come into your world openly. Like we discussed, we don’t know what God is up to, but we know He’s up to something! Appreciating you!

    • Shante, I was honored when you asked me to share my story …I know for certain it was not by chance that we crossed one anothers paths. I appreciate you for listening, for caring, and for sharing. Ultimately I know God does not make mistakes My biggest test is my greatest testimony. I’m glad that it has touched those it has and thank you to everyone for the kind words and the encouragement. Everyday is not easy to possess to a positive mindset but when I think of where I was almost 3 years of ago I cannot help but to celebrate life and not complain. Life is a blessing, and I vow to always treat it as such.

  • Shannon possesses a great amount of strength, and a powerful message of faith.
    When I lost my mother, my faith was destroyed, because I didn’t think I could live without my mommy, and it took me a little while to regain my relationship back with God. Nevertheless, I have learned what faith is all about. And I’ve learned to lean on God and have faith even when things are not going as planned, to let him handle it because some things are out of our control.

    • Dearest Tara, what a heartfelt comment you deliver here. God is always faithful and we learn this through trials. I love that he promises to never leave us or forsake us. I’m glad that your faith in God has been regained and it remains strong.

  • Shannon’s story is a life celebrating testimony to all women. She awakens the truth about what is more important in our perspective of life. Celebrating each and every day is not always easy when we go through hardship, so thank you Shannon for the reminder, it was a great encouragement of the faithfulness of God to always be there for us in times it would seem we need Him the most! In truth we always need Him, I can’t imagine going through what Shannon went through with out Him. I was truly blessed!

  • I can identify with Shannon’s story. Four years ago I had a double mastectomy. I felt all the same things Shannon talked about but most of all I realized that although as women we see our breast as apart of our femininity loosing our breast does not make us less a female. I celebrate survival with her and all women who faced breast cancer and is still struggling with it. God is amazing and through it all he is our strength and we grow and take a different prospective on life.

    • I celebrate your survival Nadine! You also display strength, courage and vibrancy. There have been many readers who have shared with me how inspired they are and scheduling mammograms (including myself). Us women are a powerful force – together! Appreciating you!

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